DiaSante Health’s at-home monitoring devices provide daily readings for a patient’s weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen (O2 saturation), and/or blood sugar. Each modality is ordered separately based on the patient diagnosis and physician treatment plan. Our at-home devices provide patients with easy access to everyday medical information about their personal wellbeing. This same data is also automatically uploaded to your care team to help proactively identify any issues for early intervention and treatment.

Blood Pressure Cuff

Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor — the next generation of blood pressure monitoring that provides the ultimate user experience and accuracy.

Multi-function Watch

A “smart” Wi-Fi wristwatch that monitors heart rate, blood pressure, and other key health metrics.


A wireless blood glucose meter that delivers accurate, reliable readings in the home or on the go.

Weight Scales

Professional-grade scales for daily weight management.

Pulse Oximetry

Elite Finger Pulse Oximeter — for accurate oxygen saturation readings.