• CMS approved virtual services:
    Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health Integration (BHI).
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM):
    Uses cellular-enabled devices including home scales, blood-pressure monitors, SpO2 and Blood Glucose monitors to measure, transmit and record physician ordered measurements. These are augmented by nurse call-center conversations, all of which are then uploaded into your office EHR or faxed to you. The goal is to prevent their conditions from worsening and prevent E.R. visits or admissions.
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM):
    Qualified clinical staff review and coordinate actions tied to personalized care plans. Services include direct and indirect care activities for at least 20 minutes per month to review the behaviors, actions, symptoms and compliance of co-morbid, high-risk patients to prevent acute onset of symptoms and avoid preventable admissions.
  • Behavioral Health Integration (BHI):
    Virtual mental health care that makes it easier for primary care providers to include mental and behavioral health screening, treatment, and specialty care into their practice to treat common mental health disorders.
  • Monitoring of Key Chronic/Critical Disease Indicators:
    Daily B/P and/or weight monitoring enables oversight of Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiomyopathy, Congestive Heart Disease, Diabetes, COPD, Obesity, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Chronic Bronchitis, among others, for earlier proactive
  • Optimized Clinical Workflow:
    Reduces the frequency of unnecessary in-person physical assessments by automating the collection of key physiologic metrics, allowing primary care physicians to focus on complex cases.
  • Improved Medication Management:
    Regular remote monitoring of blood pressure and weight-gain improves adherence to medication regimens, enhancing treatment efficacy and reduced E.R. visits or readmissions.
  • Increased Revenue Stream:
    Medicare and private insurance reimbursements for virtual services in your practice can create a substantial, recurring revenue source.
  • Precision Virtual Care:
    Customizable, physician-approved clinical pathways, from titrating medication to risk stratification for specific health conditions allow DiaSante nurses to serve as extenders of your practice.


Remote Monitoring Suite

  • State of the art platform that tracks and trends patient data with optional EMR interface.
  • Cellular-enabled RPM devices including blood pressure monitor, weight scale, SpO2 Pulse Oximeter, and glucometer.

Managed Call Center Services

  • Patient Check-ins: Proactive, regular calls to patients for wellness checks and data verification that meet Medicare remote care requirements. All actions follow your approved clinical guidelines.

Data Analytics Portal

  • Clinical and financial dashboard reports (monthly or on demand) provide quick insights for immediate, data-driven medical decisions.


  1. Patient Onboarding: Equip your patients with our tested devices and introduce them to our call center services and care staff.
  2. Data Collection & Calls: Daily monitoring and proactive check-in calls ensure thorough, friendly and human-centric care.
  3. Comprehensive Reports: Receive detailed patient reports for review.
  4. Complete Billing Documentation: Receive monthly billing data for upload into your EMR/Revenue Cycle Management System for easy billing and quick reimbursement.


Improve Patient Outcomes
Early detection combined with proactive patient engagement, leads to faster intervention and improved patient care.

Tailored Solutions
The ability to customize the RPM system to the specific needs of your practice can set your care and outcomes apart from the competition with concierge-type services.

Save Time
Automated data collection and managed call center services allow you to focus on higher level care.

Increase Revenue
Remote Patient Monitoring services are reimbursable using 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, offering a sizable additional revenue stream. Chronic Care Management services use 99490, 99491, 99439. Behavioral Health Integration uses 99484.

Secure & Compliant
Full compliance with HIPAA regulations for secure data storage and transmission.