DiaSante Health caters to a wide range of clients—from physicians to healthcare organizations, to hospitals/health systems, to partners—working together for optimum patient outcomes and more cost-effective care.

Physician Group Remote Patient Monitoring

Physician Groups & Practices

Our remote patient monitoring, chronic condition management, and related billing tools help physicians and care teams provide high-quality services and a more structured approach to:

  • Disease management of fragile or complex co-morbid patients
  • Reduction of acute admissions or emergency room visits
  • Patients who would otherwise fall through the cracks

The net revenue for these services can become a substantial portion of income for physicians who maintain 50+ patients continuously enrolled.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Our robust RPM/CCM platform and data reporting capabilities ensure that ACO patients are managed proactively, maximizing medical compliance, following the care management plan, and minimizing costs to improve MSSP and related commercial insurance shared-savings performance.

Remote Patient Monitoring Accountable Care Organizations
Remote Patient Monitoring Call Center

Hospitals & Health Systems

In response to today’s healthcare environment, our RPM/CCM platform provides a fully integrated approach to patient care. DiaSante Health’s call center staff and outreach services provide an added level of oversight and engagement post-hospitalization to ensure that:

  • Provider-patient interaction occurs in a timely manner upon discharge
  • Patients stay on track with their established discharge plans
  • Problematic situations are averted, before an otherwise preventable readmission or trip to the emergency room


Individual general practices, single or multi-specialty groups, integrated health systems, and academic health systems can all benefit from our proven, technology-driven suite of services. DiaSante Health will customize patient care guidelines to your specific group needs or individual physician pathways.

Remote Patient Monitoring Check-in