Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our patient care enrollment team ensures that your patients receive regularly scheduled, compassionate “person-to-person” contact every week. Our highly-trained clinical staff utilizes individualized, physician-approved decision-making tools that help guide each patient through their specific disease management protocol, as directed by the ordering physician. Patient outreach is personally provided by our trained clinicians—never via email, chat, or bots. Daily downloaded device readings are available for review at any point and are uploaded monthly to the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) to support in-person or remote doctor visits and revenue cycle/billing.

How Does RPM Work?

1. Sign up. Join DiaSante Health effortlessly by signing up – it’s quick and hassle-free.

2. Enroll your patient(s) by entering their details into the RPM system and selecting their preferred device. Our team handles patient outreach and education, making the process seamless.

3. Ship. With a simple click of “ship,” your patient will receive their chosen device either at home or within your office premises – the choice is yours.

4. Review Data. Dive into the insights provided by your patient’s device through the RPM portal or your integrated EMR. Rest assured, our system triggers automatic alerts if readings fall within cautionary or critical thresholds. Customize your reports for optimal workflow. Plus, if you’re tracking RPM management billing codes, our platform takes care of the tracking for you!

5. Get Paid. Our RPM billing system generates a monthly report, detailing all billable RPM codes for each patient. Fees are applicable only for billable RPM patients and cover the connected device, cellular service, hosting, and customer support. When you’re ready, submit your claims at the beginning of each month – no fees are due until after you’ve received your Medicare payment.

Why Do Remote Patient Monitoring with DiaSante Health?

Remote Patient Monitoring Accountable Care OrganizationsDiaSante Health is your comprehensive partner in patient care management, offering seamless support throughout the entire process. Whether it’s verifying patient eligibility or generating detailed superbills for your team every month, our all-encompassing approach empowers you to effortlessly navigate between our diverse range of care management and preventive care services. This flexibility enables you to curate a truly personalized and impactful care plan for each patient, perfectly aligned with their distinct requirements.

Elevate your practice with DiaSante Health’s holistic and tailored solutions, designed to enhance patient outcomes and streamline your operations. Experience the power of remote care like never before.

RPM Devices

Experience the Convenience of a DiaSante Health Device

Embrace the simplicity of our DiaSante Health devices, available for delivery either to your office or directly to your patient’s doorstep. The best part? DiaSante Health device expenses are fully covered by your per-patient fee, eliminating any upfront costs for launching your RPM program. Patient convenience is a priority too – our devices are designed for easy use. With built-in cellular modems, setting up is a breeze – just pop in the batteries and power on the device.

Seamless Integration of Your Device

Prefer to use your existing devices? Our system seamlessly integrates with a variety of manufacturer devices, including renowned brands like Omron, iHealth, and Dexcom. This flexibility empowers you to maximize the potential of your preferred tools while benefiting from DiaSante Health’s comprehensive platform.

Our Features Make RPM Seamless to Use and Integrate

Medicare HETS Eligibility Partnership:
Discover the advantages of our Medicare HETS Eligibility Partnership, ensuring seamless eligibility verification.

Effortless New-Patient Enrollment:
Streamline the new-patient enrollment process with Prevounce’s tailored system, designed for your practice’s ease.

Simple Device Setup:
Bringing patients on board is a breeze, thanks to plug-and-play devices with built-in cellular connectivity.

Comprehensive Data Access:
Access patient data effortlessly through both manual and automated avenues.

Tailored Notifications:
Enjoy a customizable notification system that delivers relevant updates, ensuring your providers receive just what they need.

Regulation-Compliant Billing:
Stay compliant and boost revenue with fully compliant time tracking and billing, ensuring adherence to regulations.

How much revenue could your practice or organization be generating through Remote Patient Monitoring?

HIPAA and Safety

No Financial Risk

Start your RPM journey with confidence. With DiaSante Health, there’s no upfront payment required for devices – they’re covered by your per-patient fee. You only pay for services that are fully billable.

Tailored Practice Assistance

DiaSante Health goes beyond mere software. We’re your RPM partner, offering custom-tailored programs to meet your practice’s unique requirements. From device distribution to information gathering and billing, we provide support at every step.

Security and HIPAA Compliance

Rest assured, your patients’ data is in safe hands. We ensure end-to-end security, from data collection on the patient’s device to storage on our HIPAA-compliant closed platform.

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